Velux Skylights

Natural Light

The ever popular Velux windows can be installed either as part of an attic conversion or loft renovation, or as a separate one off project. Velux skylight are the perfect means to bringing natural light and fresh air into your loft or attic space. A key benefit of the traditional Velux skylights Sydney is the ability to let in more light from the sun, without the equivalent amount of heat.

This is due to the natural upward movement of hot air; the open window provides an escape for the rising air within the house, and creates a natural draft throughout the room.


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    Optimise Your Velux Window

    The positioning of any roof-installed window is important to consider, as this will determine what time of day the strongest light enters the home. A west facing window won’t get direct light in the morning, but will be facing the strong afternoon sun. North facing windows will have a fairly constant exposure to the sun during the day, whereas the opposite (south) facing windows won’t be exposed to direct sunlight to the same extent, resulting in less light and heat coming through the skylight.

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