Storage Attics

Transforming your Attic into a Usable Storage Space

How many of us aren’t guilty of storing infrequently used items in the garage and leaving our valuable cars parked out on the street? Or using every corner of the house to store items accumulated over time? Considering the original expense of building a garage or buying your home, this is probably a poor use of this costly investment.

If you live in a traditionally styled home with a generously pitched roof, wouldn’t it be a good idea to investigate using the attic space for storage? Free up your home! Invest in an attic conversion today!

attic storage sydney

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

A basic attic storage with a drop down ladder can cost as little as $3000. The fundamental part of our project is to check your roof space for load bearing capacities and make any structural changes so that it will be able to hold the weight of any heavy items you want to store. Once this is done, a pull down attic ladder is installed to access this great attic storage. If you compare these simple steps to building a downstairs wardrobe specifically designed to store all the items you want stored, you can be sure that it will cost a lot less. Not only that, you won’t need to give up any of your precious living area.

A basic storage attic conversion consists of installing beams to support ceilings and roof. This needs to be done if the structure is not adequate for new loads or if existing roof supports need to be relocated to achieve desired storage space. Batten ceilings are then made to raise the floor above pipes and cables. Finally we install a quality fold down ladder for access and lay a floor down.

Similar to the Basic Storage, Dust-Proof Storages always include beams to carry ceiling and roof loads. Short walls are also created to enclose the storage area. Access panels are created to enter remaining sections of the roof if applicable. We install a fine grade plywood lining to dust-proof the storage attic. Finally a quality access ladder is installed.

With every storage attic we offer various extras such as:

  • Clear roof ventilation for light and fresh air.
  • Velux roof windows for light and fresh air.
  • A structural floor independent of the ceiling structure to carry heavier loads (highly recommended)
  • Electrical – lighting and power
  • Insulation to keep stable temperatures

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A basic attic storage can be completed within a couple of days, while a simple dust-proof attic can be done in as little as 3-4 days. So you can see how a storage attic can make a huge impact on ‘decluttering’ your property in a very short space of time. Mr Attic is keen to help you realise your dream of a better home by utilising all that’s available to reach your home’s full potential.

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