Deluxe Storage

High Quality Storage

Deluxe Storage is a type of attic conversion with a quality finish that is designed just like a habitable room but comes under the storage classification. This attic conversion includes a gyprock finished room with optional dust-proof storage beyond its walls.

We often install several velux skylights for natural light and ventilation, providing aesthetics from inside and out. Staircases are popular for easy access, although a quality attic ladder is also feasible, especially in tight layouts. Under the storage classification staircases can be made steeper, giving more flexibility for space saving locations and positions.

For clients who cannot achieve a council approved habitable attic, we offer an attic conversion under the Storage Attic category. This cannot be classified as a habitable room when selling the house, although residents may decide to use it as a living space. This “storage room” adds great value to your house and makes your home unique.

Deluxe storage attic conversion to music studio

Low Cost Option

With the same structural design as a habitable attic, the Deluxe Storage is designed to take the same loads and usage as a normal room. By including insulation, ventilation and air-conditioning, the Deluxe Storage becomes a very usable space despite having a lower ceiling.

The Deluxe Storage has become a popular low cost project compared to a top-floor extension, giving extra space and maximising the usage of your existing home.

The Deluxe Storage is not restricted by the regulations of a habitable attic conversion and we have built Deluxe Storages with very low ridge heights, down to 1.8m as the absolute minimum. This option is feasible for most attics and is a low cost alternative if your attic doesn’t meet the criteria for a habitable conversion.

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