Attic Conversions

More Space Adds Value

An attic conversion is the process of transforming an empty and unused attic space into effective storage or a functional room. The definition of functional room is typically living room, bedroom (with or without an ensuite), office or study. Attic conversions Sydney are a popular form of home improvement because of their numerous benefits. These benefits include:

  • Added space
  • Added value to the property
  • No need to relocate during building process
  • Cheaper than buying a bigger house
  • Remaining in the home you love!

When considering a habitable attic conversion, keep in mind the potential for extra attic storage solutions. Parts of the converted attic closest to the sloping roof can work in your favor with our custom made cabinets, shelving and pull out drawers.

Whether you own a free standing home, semi detached, terrace, heritage home or modern house, we have the solution for you. The many styles of attic conversions are designed specifically for your type of dwelling. While some conversions include “lifting” the roof on the back of the house and others involve creating smaller or larger dormer windows, many dwellings have a large enough roof space to create a habitable attic without any alterations to the shape or size of the roof.

Most attic conversions require structural work in creating new floor frames above the ceilings, alterations to existing roof structure, removing existing walls and building new walls. Mr Attic has years of experience in structural alterations and additions.

To convert your attic space into a habitable room, you need at least 2.2 metres headroom within 60% of the room (floor to ceiling) and 2 metres clearance above the position of the access stairs. Providing that this key requirement is met, most homes possess the potential to have their attic space converted into a habitable room.

If your current height is just below 2.2 metres from ceiling to roof we may be able to construct a lowered ceiling, provided the existing height from floor to ceiling is at least 3 metres. This will then gain enough height in the attic to create a council approved room.

Ensuites are a popular addition for people converting their attic to an additional bedroom. There are, however, limitations and strict regulations to comply with. Make sure you arrange an inspection by a professional to provide advice about any requirements.

Clients who don’t have the possibility to convert their attic into a council approved room, could either invest further in building a top-floor addition or create a deluxe storage facility.

Existing brickwork combined with new walls in attic conversion

Attic Conversions a Popular Solution

Considering that a professional attic conversion can easily add 20% or more to a property’s overall value, it isn’t surprising that this solution continues to increase in popularity. It isn’t uncommon to observe that over 30% of a property’s potential usable space is located within the attic area. Many families conclude that the most logical investment they can make in their home is to do attic conversions in their unused attic into a usable room.